Training @ GVMFL

(Centre for excellence in human development)

“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit"

Training is an organized sequences of steps through which an organization excels by moulding its manpower to their maximum productivity, training in GramaVidiyal thus plays a vital role in the organization & societal development. “What we hear, we forget. What we see, we remember. What we do, we understand”. GVMFL strives hard to propel the building capacity of the employees through constant practical trainings and events. Training has been performed in various levels to bring out the best from the individual and groups to increase productivity & to support the organization goals.

We aim at building the capacity of individual and groups so as the quality of work will be improved. The objective of HR training dept at GVMFL is to equip individual with skills and knowledge to improve their quality of life.

A Calm & Serene environment is vital for a successful training, and that was the reason behind establishing a couple of state of the art training centre in Trichy {Swarna Sivaa Corporate Training and Meditation Centre} & a Training Centre in Sivagangai district. The training centre is situated in the serene natural environment, away from the city's trademark pollution & noise. The place is spirited with natural ambience, spacious indoor class room, good food & accommodation, well managed hospitality services and separate outdoor activities for outbound training sessions apt for class room training, workshops, meetings & out bound experiential learning process.

The program will have outdoor games, activities, case studies, interactive sessions, role play, focusing on team work, leadership, interpersonal relationship, problem solving, communication etc.,

Ensuring higher participation and experiential learning is the key factor behind the outbound training conducted by GVMFL. Training programs are crafted to suit to the specific needs of staff at all level and the company's requirement.

Our training team is innovative, creative and imaginative in such a way it conceptualizes ideas and actions to fulfil the needs of the individual/groups. All our training programmes are run by our team of qualified experts and professional trainers from the respective field which has not only enabled the participants to get higher level of participation but also a mind for learning.

We also stage our own in-house training sessions, offering regular training programmes for organizations on various thematic issues related to Micro finance trainings, leadership qualities, Personality development training and other needs based trainings.

Our Resourceful Team

With the support of committed and dedicated faculty, GVMFL is offering numerous customized training programmes on the request to the organization related to MFI.

The training teams consist of unique and unrivalled team of experts from diverse backgrounds. Each person plays a key role in instituting in achieving the objective of the GVMFL training.

Mr.Satish Devaraj, is the Head of Human Resource Department for GVMFL. He received his master degree in Business Administration with a specialization in HR from Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai and also completed a bachelor degree in computer science engineering from SRM, Chennai. NCLP Certified Basic NLP Practitioner.

Mr.Pravin Anburaj, is heading the Operations department at GVMFL. He received his master degree in social work with a specialization in Human Resource Management and Industrial relations in the year 2000. Having varied experience in HRM, Fundraising, Training and administration of humanitarian projects made him an expertise in field of training individuals and groups as well. Through his resourceful efforts, GVMFL training sessions and courses are constantly advanced efficiently and effectively suit to the needs of the organization.

Mr.Ravikumar, received his Master degree in social work with a specialization in HR and completed philosophy in social work in the year 2000. He has over 12 years of experience in varied disciplines like HR, Marketing and humanitarian projects. Presently he is responsible for coordinating the overall training sessions at GVMFL , he had also handling various external training session organised by GVMFL. NCLP Certified Basic NLP Practitioner.