Networking & Federation

In conjunction with the Activists for Social Alternatives (ASA), Grama Vidiyal takes on a variety of issues:

Lobbying and Advocacy

Grama Vidiyal addresses large scale social issues by leveraging the strength of women federations promoted at different layers. Some significant themes for advocacy campaigns in the past are alcoholism, violence on women and Dalits, land tenancy, exempting MFIs from interest rate ordinance etc.

Human rights day celebration

All human are entitled to enjoy equal rights. However, human rights issues take its origin when one particular community attempts to take upper hand by prioritizing their rights over that of others. Grama Vidiyal puts serious efforts to make an end to such issues in its operational areas by protecting the rights of women, Dalits and bringing them to main stream society.

Women Empowerment

Through education about statutory protections available and legal assistance GV helps women to improve participation in decision making and control over assets. ASA-GV also strives to empower women politically by making them participate in local body elections.

Poor & Dalit Empowerment

The Dalit centred empowerment programs of GV aims at bringing about a sustainable development in the lives of Dalits. By creating awareness on the available support ASA-GV helps them respond to atrocities in appropriate manner and lead respectable life in society.