Key Differentiator

Centre Meetings-GV's Core Strength

The centre meetings not only ensure smooth delivery of the company's financial services at the doorsteps of the clients, but also serve as a platform for achieving communal harmony wherever the company has its presence. The company adopts a non-discriminatory policy to serving its clients. The centre meetings bring the women to come together every week irrespective of their caste, creed and religion to discuss about various social and developmental issues concerning them which is the core strength of the company in achieving its integrated community development objective.

Service Philosophy

The company deems it a responsibility to treat its clients in a dignified manner and emphasises courteous behaviour by staff towards its members at all levels. It also ensures highest level of transparency in terms of pricing of its products, terms and conditions, recovery methods and frequency etc. These business values of transparency, ethical service delivery and professional approach of staff form the core of company's service philosophy which was present even before the stipulation arose from the regulators which always makes the company a cut above the rest in the industry.

The Double-bottom-line approach

This is one of the original strategies of the conglomerate that helped in building a sustainable "client centred and professionally managed" program and was also the key to the transformation of the financial inclusion program from the Trust to an NBFC. The company still sticks to this original objective of holistic empowerment of women and their families of the country which is evident from the outcomes of its varied financial and non-financial programs.