Grievance Redressal Policy

Summary :

The primary objective of any business enterprise is to maintain existing customer and also widen the scope of customer base for their sustainable growth in their business but significantly it requires efficient management of handling issues and prompts response in addressing the clientele problems which affect the most. Valuing the customers is the key principle behind the success of every organization which marching towards the journey for attaining sustainable growth to both organization and clientele needs as well. We at Grama Vidiyal Micro finance Ltd keen in understanding the clientele needs and redressing the issue by providing appropriate mechanisms to bring solutions which arise at times. Besides this policy would help and guide people to redress the grievance of clients and to avoid any turmoil. Grama Vidiyal values each and every customer through its ethical practices of providing systematic policy and procedures which define the process that allow seeking solutions for consistent business growth.

Objective :

This Grievance redressal policy aims to reduce the instances of complaints through continuous service delivery by providing appropriate mechanism and to ensure the needs of the customers are addressed properly. This would also help in identifying the product features and effective program delivery. Thus this policy envisages …
  • To provide appropriate solutions to the clientele needs through formal and informal channels.
  • To increase clientele participation in issues related to problem solving and grievances.
  • To inform and educate the customers on grievance redressal mechanism
  • To provide services to widen the customer base and also to retain the existing customers.
  • To provide adequate training to staff in resolving the customers issues.
  • To intervene the issues and handle the complaints speedily and efficiently.

Methodology :

All complaints are carefully analyzed, authenticated and processed well for providing appropriate solutions depending upon the level of the complaints/issues and it the same should be escalate to the responsible person at various levels to bring way out. (branch, division, region and HO).

Scope of the policy :

The following document will provide guidance to clientele feedback and suggestions and also to provide appropriate mechanisms to the staff to resolve the issues which affecting the most.

Mode of Complaints :

Grama Vidiyal Micro Finance Limited has considered the clients profile, literacy level, family background and their conduct in the centre meeting in making the mode of complaints. It should be ease and accessible to clientele for resolving the issues on time, speedily and effectively.

  • Helpline number (Loan pass book)
  • Member complaint register
  • Federation Leader Meeting
  • Direct mailing or Email / letter correspondence

  • 1) Helpline number : (Loan pass book) The clientele can submit /register their complaint at any time & at any place at their convenience. This Help line number is provided to members in their loan pass book. Clients can use this help line number for registering their complaints/queries/feedback and suggestions if any and the same will be recorded and provide the solutions.

    2) Member complaint register : Clients can send their complaints and suggestion in a written format in the member complaint register in the branch. Customer can register a complaint and fill her details in the Complaint Register.

    3) FLM: (Federation Leader Meeting) Federation leader meetings are held in all branches at twice in a year and customers are encouraged to Speak / Discuss their complaints and feedbacks.

    4) Mail correspondence/Letter to CMD Customers can send their complaint/feedback/suggestion mail/letter through direct mail (post) / email correspondence.

  • Complaint process and documentation :
All complaints are processed and documented in a proper channel at various levels. All grievances will be segregated based on the severity and nature of the problems. The nature of the problems and severity of the problem as defined the intensity of loss to the customer and organization. Grievances will be forwarded to the concerned department for further action. After the action taken / solved replay to the given to the committee.
All complaints will be resolved within the stipulated time specified at different level which given below.