“What stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try, GVMFL has given me the faith to believe it is possible.”

Ms.Shanthi, aged 30 yrs is a member of GVMFL for the last 11 years belonging to the Tanjore Branch in the Trichy region. She passed her 10th std and her husband Saravanan aged 40 yrs is a 5th std school dropout. They made clay dolls which she sold for Rs.20 per doll, to support their small family of four. She availed loans from GVMFL to expand her business. She included her husband and his brother in the doll making process and her brother takes care of the sales of the dolls. They sell approximately 2,500 dolls on a monthly basis. She availed 11 loans which she repaid easily and thanks GVMFL for the timely financial help and most of all she is grateful that she was successful in keeping her family united and engaged in the process.

Thanjavur Branch
Trichy Region