"The cost of success is hard work, dedication, and determination to succeed; I thank GVMFL for bringing out the best in me."

Ms.Ganga Bai is a member of the Bhopal Kolar Road Branch for the last 3 years. Her husband and she worked in a nearby pottery unit to make a living. After all the hard work they would barely have enough money to make ends meet. She joined GVMFL 3 years ago and availed a loan of Rs.12,000/- which she used to start up her own pottery, which she grew gradually but steadily.

She is very grateful to GVMFL for the timely help and support that fulfilled her dreams. She says that most people in her locality seek a city life to improve their quality of life but she has her testimony to boast about. She has managed to advance in her life without having to move out to the city and still kept pot making as her priority to succeed.

She now owns a pottery and earns Rs.15,000/- a month and employs poor people to assist her in her business. She thanks GVMFL management and staff for making her a more confident and hard working person she is today.

Ms.Ganga Bai
Bhopal Branch