"My association with Grama Vidiyal had turned the tides as we find greatest comfort in repaying loans and increasing the family income”

Ms.Ilavarasi joined GVMFL two years ago. They have two daughters and live in a village near Shivagangai. Her husband owns an auto-rickshaw which they bought with the money they borrowed from a local money lender. He made very little income which was not even sufficient to cover the monthly installment for the loan that they availed for buying the auto-rickshaw. With the loan availed from GVMFL, she managed to close the loan on auto-rickshaw. They express high level of satisfaction on the process and terms of the loans that she availed from GVMFL. After her enrolment with GVMFL, she also joins the local women in the agricultural activities in her village which also adds to her family income.

Ms. Ilavarasi (28)
Sivagangai Branch
Madurai Region.